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Firewood in Rutherfordton

Firewood for sale! Get in touch with Skipper's Tree Service today to warm up your fireplace. Our firewood is the best you can get in Rutherfordton, no matter what you need it for. We all need to be a little warmer during the cooler months, and who doesn’t love to gather around a nice fire during the warmer months? For all your firewood need, we are the company to call. We look forward to becoming your new dedicated firewood supplier. All of our wood is ethically sourced and if you have any questions about our dedication to eco-conscious practices, please call and ask.

We look forward to becoming your new firewood supplier.

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Quality Kiln Dried Firewood,Perfect for Burning

For over fifteen years, we have been providing the lovely people of Rutherfordton field firewood to warm their hearts and their homes. Every piece of wood we sell has been looked after, cut, and dried by our faithful leader Doug Thomas. The wood is hand-dried in his homemade lumber kiln, which is like a sauna for wood that ensures it is one-hundred percent dried and ready for burning upon delivery. You’ll have no damp smoky wood to deal with when you source your firewood from us—just pure wood-burning delight.

Never Suffer Another Chilly Nightwith Our Firewood Supply

When you become one of our valued clients, you can have your firewood however you prefer. We provide both seasoned firewood and unseasoned firewood for all of your firewood needs.

For a quick explanation, seasoned firewood simply means that it has been dried in Doug’s handmade kiln, and unseasoned means it hasn’t been. Before you burn your unseasoned wood, you will need to dry it for effective burning.

Just get in touch with our team and ask about our firewood supply. We will happily provide you a one-time delivery or if you want, we can make a scheduled firewood delivery program for your individual needs.

Neatly Stacked, Ready-to-Burn Firewood,Right to Your Door

Firewood delivery is another of our services. Whenever you need firewood, we can get it to you. Just let us know how much you need, and it will be at your door at the appointed time. If you need a lot of firewood frequently, a weekly or bi-weekly delivery service can be arranged as well. If your individual firewood needs require something else, just call Skipper's Tree Service and we will find the perfect firewood delivery schedule for you. The firewood will be cut into manageable sizes, neatly stacked, and delivered in a tidy fashion.

Call Skipper's Tree Servicefor Firewood Delivery Today

If you need hand-selected firewood delivery, we are the team to call. When you hire Skipper's Tree Service, you are going to receive:

  • Friendly service
  • Firewood expertise
  • Seasoned and unseasoned firewood
  • Flexible firewood delivery
  • Dependable service

These are some of the benefits you will get with our friendly service. If you need firewood in Rutherfordton – the solution is simple – Call (864) 580-3029 now.

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